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🌟 JOIN the MAGIC! 🌟

Fantastic Internship Opportunity!

Do you have a passion for extraordinary stories, mind-bending visuals, and out-of-this-world cinematic experiences? We're on the hunt for interns who share our love for the fantastic and the surreal!

Internship Highlights:

Dive into the realm of the fantastic: Immerse yourself in a world of sci-fi wonders, supernatural thrills, and mind-bending journeys as you assist in curating the most fantastic short films from around the globe. Collaborate with a dynamic team of film enthusiasts and industry experts to create an immersive and unforgettable festival experience. Connect with visionary directors, innovative filmmakers, and fellow cinephiles, expanding your network and gaining priceless insights into the world of fantastic cinema.

Timeframe: The internship ends on Halloween!

Location: Reykjavik and then Akureyri from the 25th to the 30th of October.

Qualifications: No need for superpowers, just a burning passion for fantastic and genre-bending films. Excellent organizational and communication skills. A flair for creativity to help shape the festival's unique atmosphere. Attention to detail to ensure the festival's success.

Perks & Benefits:

Exclusive access to festival screenings and events. Mentorship from industry professionals and filmmakers. A chance to make your mark on the festival and boost your résumé. Potential opportunities to join our team 2024.


Send us your resume and a brief letter expressing your passion for fantastic films to Tell us about your favorite fantastic film and why it captivates you!

Join us in celebrating the extraordinary, the otherworldly, and the mind-bending! Apply now and be part of the magic behind the silver screen!


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